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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Submission on USO Levy

The Bureau of Communications Research at the Department of Communications is tasked with finding out how to fund non-commercial services on the NBN. An industry levy seen as the prime mechanism that will sustain these services in the presence of infrastructure competition (as I argued in my 2010 submission to the Senate).

This submission is a response to the request for comments on the Bureau’s first consultation paper.

To access the submission, click USO-Levy-JdR

Are CVCs “evil, stupid and counterproductive”?

NBN pricing is back under the microscope with attacks from industry heavy weights like iinet’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Dioguardi, and serial telco entrepreneur Bevan Slattery who recently called CVCs “evil, stupid and counterproductive”.

This column looks at the challenges for CVC pricing posed by iinet in the context of increased video streaming.

T o read more, click Economuse 2015-05-14