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Pricing submarine cable for development

Conference Vanuatu

This is a talk I gave in Vanuatu and again (with some small changes) to the Submarine Networks World conference in Singapore on 8 September 2022.

It discusses how traffic pricing can increase cable utilisation and contrasts the different experiences of PNG and the Solomon Islands nearly two years after the beginning of service on the Coral Sea Cable in February 2020.

Universal Service and Competition

In both Australia and the Cook Islands the impact of infrastructure competition on mandated geographically uniform pricing is being (or proposed to be) addressed with a levy. The different approaches to measuring costs and setting the levy are contrasted.

The paper proposes that a universal service levy has to be coupled with consistent access pricing to have efficient competition consistent with universal service policy. Interconnection between networks is free in the Cook Islands but the pricing of resold wholesale services should be consistent with the aims of the levy; to ensure universal service and efficient competition.

This the preprint

The final paper appears in the AJTDE Volume 9, Issue 3 at