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Government Clients

John provides advice on telecommunications economics, pricing and regulation to various governments and their agencies. Since leaving Telstra, such clients include’

OECD: John researched and wrote the report Catching-up in broadband – what will it take? (April 2007) which explains why broadband penetration rates differ across countries.

ITU: John drafted a chapter on measuring the impact of information and communication technologies on the economy for the International Telecom Union’s 2006 World Telecommunication/ICT Development Report.and presented a paper on NGN (Next Generation Networks) pricing in May 2007

infoDev/ITU: John updated and re-wrote Module 2 (Competition and Pricing) .of the ICT Regulation Toolkit. He is an external reviewer of the Broadband Strategies Toolkit.

Western Australia; John assembled the team and compiled the 2006 “Big Pipes” report for WA’s ICT Industry Development Forum on Australian international connectivity as a building block in the knowledge economy.

APEC: John led the “stocktake of progress” report on telecoms liberalisation that was presented to APEC-TEL30 in September 2004.

Australia: John helped research and write the report Internet Charging Arrangements (2004) for DCITA to support Australian policy development.

New Zealand: John provided economic advice in a peer review of an interconnection costing model built for the Commerce Commission. The report is at Appendix H of the Draft Determination of the interconnection pricing review of 11 April 2005

OECD: John was invited to present a paper and counsel to delegates from various middle eastern countries on price rebalancing and the impact of competition on universal access and pricing.

“I can attest to both the intellectual rigour of John’s work and his standing as a well-respected economist” – Dimitri Ypsilanti, Information, Communications and Computer Policy, Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry, OECD

“John was one of the leading experts engaged by Telecom Fiji to undertake a detailed costing exercise for the purposes of wholesale fiber backhaul services pricing. This exercise was critical in order to draw meaningful conclusions that could be presented and assumptions tested by the regulators. John applied a building block access pricing method, and was meticulous in compiling the resulting reports, displaying outstanding clarity. And given that the inputs into the model were not readily available, he worked with our various internal teams with a high degree of patience to collate the data as required in this exercise” – Charles Goundar, CEO Telecom Fiji Pte Ltd

“John’s contribution on the indirect impact of ICTs on the economy for the 2006 World Telecommunication/ICT Development Report was insightful, comprehensive and professional”– Vanessa Gray, Head of the Market, Economics and Finance Unit, Telecommunications Development Bureau, ITU

“Mr. John de Ridder has been assisting the National Information and Communications Technology Authority of Papua New Guinea (NICTA) over the last two years. NICTA is the regulator of ICT sector including telecommunications and broadcasting services in Papua New Guinea. During this period, John has provided NICTA with excellent support on a number of market issues including interconnection, retail pricing and matters relating to economic regulation. He is very knowledgeable, reliable and versatile. He has been a great help to us in the more complex issues we deal with.” – Charles Punaha, CEO, NICTA, PNG

“We found John’s report for the OECD invaluable. We also appreciated his candour and willingness to share information to assist our work” – Yochai Benkler, Principal Investigator on the Berkman Centre report to the FCC, Next Generation Connectivity (2010)

“Communications is a complex matter to explain to laymen and politicians but John and his colleagues exceeded our expectations with the Big Pipes report” – Mal Bryce AO, BA, Hon Phd, Former Chairman of the WA ICT Industry Development Forum